Mandali Video Links   

This section presents some video clips of  Meher Baba's mandali. Meher Baba's inner circle of disciples called the 'Mandali' have a very special place in Meher Baba's life and work. The Spritual Hierarchy provides a brief introduction to the significance of Member Baba's Mandali and their role in Meher Baba's work. Presented below are youtube links to  video clips of some members of Meher Baba's mandali.

Bhau Kalchuri (Talking about the Mandali)

Mehera Irani

Mani Irani

Eruch Jessawala

Padri Kaka

Meheru Irani

Katie Irani

Meherabad Then and Now  

Bif Soper has prepared a visual comparative - Meherabad Then and Now - chronicling the changes that have taken place at Meherabad - Meher Baba's Ashram and Tomb Shrine in Ahmednagar India - since the ashram days in the 1920’s to the present time. The photo compilation presents some very rare photographs of Meher Baba and the life at Meherabad during the 20’s, 30’s, 40's and 50's (with Meher Baba at Meherabad). The photo-collage also shows recent pictures of Meherabad completing a picturesque and deeply inspiring Then and Now photo journey. MSU is grateful to Bif for this wonderful contribution.

Click here to access Meherabad Then and Now

108 Sayings of Meher Baba

Kendra Crossen Burroughs has compiled 108 Sayings of Meher Baba that provides a wonderful collection of Meher Baba quotes on a wide spectrum of spiritual and life subjects. MSU is grateful to Kendra for this inspiring contribution.

Click here to access 108 Sayings of Meher Baba

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Shore to Shoreless  
A Voyage Across the Ocean of Existence with Meher Baba
Professor J.S. Rathore

Written in a very distinct style, this acclaimed book on Meher Baba - first published in 1999 - is now available as a free download from MSU. 

Five Individuals – Mary, Mika, Ram, Rahim and Professor – tormented by their own personal problems, meet each other accidently. Mary, and English lady, is a physicist; Mika, Japanese, was a Buddhist monk and is now a spiritual pilgrim; Ram, an Indian, is a scholar of Hindu philosophy; Rahim, a Muslim is a biologist from an American University; and Professor, an Indian, is a university teacher.  All of them are in great mental agony and are seriously in search of the ultimate reality in order to discover man's real position in the cosmos. They are joined by Merwan who tells them about the existence of two oceans - the 'Ocean of Nothing' and the 'Ocean of Everything'. He assures them that all their problems will be solved once they reach the ‘Ocean of Everything’, where alone they can find real joy and happiness. However, in order to reach the 'Ocean of Everything', they would have to sail across the 'Ocean of Nothing' with Avatar Meher Baba as their companion and guide.

All of them agree to undertake this voyage across the ‘Ocean of Nothing’ with Meher Baba as the captain of their ship. Together they traverse the Macro and Micro realms of the gross universe and the inner subtle and mental worlds to reach the ‘shoreless’ - the Supreme Divine Being, in whom they discover lasting happiness and peace.

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Shore to Shoreless by Prof. J.S.Rathore is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License

You will need a PDF reader to read the EBook. You can download the free Adobe PDF reader for your mobile or desktop devices from here

Lyrics and Chords of Some Popular English Baba Songs new

We present in this section, lyrics annotated with guitar chords of twelve popular English Meher Baba songs. These lyrics pages should be particularly useful to people who would like to sing them with instrumental accompaniment. We wish to thank Ted Judson for helping us out with some lyrics. 

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83 Statements By Meher Baba on the Breaking of His Silence new

Avatar Meher Baba commenced his Silence on 10th July, 1925. He did not start it as a
vow or as penance. Meher Baba's  mystic Silence was infact a very significant aspect of his
Universal Work. Meher Baba's silence continued till the day he dropped his body on 31st January, 1969.
Prof. J.S. Rathore has complied 83 statements that Meher Baba made on His silence and its significance.

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